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Artist Statement

I am primarily a glass fusing artist. My finished pieces are formed in a kiln from components I generally create ahead of time. I know not where my inspiration will lead me until I stand next to my work bench with my “canvas”, my sheet of clear glass before me..

My finished work can be serious, whimsical, abstract, traditional, punk, pop. I love quotes and frequently include words in my pieces. Fragments of a strangers conversation, a few words in a song, words that evoke strong emotions in me due to the circumstances of my life.

Life is the greatest of teachers. I have come to a place in my life where most of my creations are expressions of what is happening to me personally in real time. I have always been a very private person. So revealing my art publicly is as personal as opening up one’s journal.

My work is a sort of collage, “paintings” with glass as my medium. I utilize many techniques to create my pieces. I create a new color palate in my kiln, put words on glass to use later, I work with a torch to create twisted elements and combine my fused glass with plate glass to expand my horizons. I experiment, I test the limits of my materials and find new ways in which to work with them.

Everything influences me. Everything influences my art. I cannot help but get personal with what I create. It’s in my blood. I can no more not create art than I can forget to breathe. Art, the act of creation, is the primary driving force in my life.



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